How to Turn Your Idea Into a Patent



March 3, 2021

The Walt Disney Company is no stranger to innovation — trying new things each and every day. It’s been at its core from the very beginning. As Walt Disney once said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” 

To continue Walt’s legacy and create Disney magic, invention is necessary. And when these ideas need protection, that’s where patents come in. Since the process can be tricky, the Jedi Engineering Training Academy (JETA) recently hosted an event to discuss all things patents.

The JETA Talk “Innovator to Inventor” walked viewers through the requirements and processes — from what qualifies for a patent to who counts as an inventor. 

Interested in submitting a patent? Check out the recording:

For more info, head to the Disney inventors site or reach out to a contact, below, responsible for your business segment.

Happy inventing!

Patent Contacts

  • Jess Thomson, Counsel (Studio Technology, DMED, ABC, Enterprise/Corp.)
  • Noel Vasquez, Patent Engineer (DSS, Disney Research Studios/LA, DMED, Studio Technology)
  • David Foster, Principal Counsel (DMED, DSS, ESPN, Marvel Entertainment)
  • Richard Guo, Principal Counsel (Pixar, Lucasfilm)
  • Stuart Langley, Principal Counsel (Parks/DPEP)
  • Tim Lee, Principal Counsel (Consumer Products)