WDAS Launches ‘Buzz’ Notification Tool

This custom solution improves communication between the animation teams.


October 30, 2020

As productions become more complex and artists work across different departments, the Walt Disney Animation Studios found a clear need for an event notification tool. Thus, Buzz was born.

The custom-made subscription service alerts users with relevant information as events occur in near real-time. This is essential for the animation teams, as their shows all have different pipelines and workflows — and they must communicate within and between departments.

JETA (Jedi Engineering Training Academy) hosted a talk with WDAS’ Wendy Tam and Zach Stokes all about the tool. Check out the video to learn how it works and improves communication, clarity, and efficiency.

While they don’t have plans to expand Buzz to other Studio teams just yet, it’s always a possibility — at least for the front end!

Wendy Tam, Senior Software Engineer
Zach Stokes, Systems Engineer